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Electronic Registration

Paperless Registers

Register processing is an expensive and time-consuming necessity for most Colleges. Given how much importance auditors attach to your attendance records you cannot afford to get it wrong. Wouldn't it be great if you could throw away all those paper registers and make the entire process work at the swipe of an id card? This is exactly what Netmania's Register.Point system enables you to do.

Proven Technology

Netmania was the first in the world to introduce Login.Point for self-service network account creation and password resets; a technology that has been working well in Colleges up and down the country for a number of years.

Now we have applied the same technology to the problem of registers, and have come up with a world leading solution.

How It Works

A lecturer enters the classroom, and using a 'key card' unlocks the Register.Point terminal for the class.

The Register.Point terminal interrogates your MIS system to determine which students are expected to be in that class.

Each student swipes their ID card to confirm their presence.

If a student swipes more that 10 minutes after the start of the class, they are considered to be late. If a student needs to leave early, they simply swipe on departure to record the fact.

If a student swipes their card and they do not appear on the register for that meeting, their details are printed out so that they can be added to the correct register (by the student giving this printout to the lecturer).

At the end of the class, the lecturer swipes the 'key card' again to close the register, and at this point your MIS system receives an automatic update of the attendances.


What This Means To You

  • Registers are always up to date, as they are on your MIS system as soon as the class closes.
  • Exceptions can be dealt with much more quickly because the student is identified by their MIS number as well their name.
  • Massive reduction in administration - you no longer need to produce paper registers.
  • Huge reduction in handling - registers no longer need to be scanned with OMR equipment or manually input.

For a no obligation discussion on how Netmania can link your existing card usage to your student records, and to find end-to-end solutions for all your card based registrations, call us today on 0870 086 0780