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IT Strategy Consultancy

Having spent many years working in and for the education sector, the Netmania team are well equipped to provide independent and qualified consultancy to meet our client’s needs. Netmania has many years experience of developing and implementing solutions for further education establishments. This combination of skills and the understanding of how academic environments work is crucial.

“We were impressed with the fact that they obviously understood further education and were quickly able to grasp our objectives”

Our experience spans a number of technology areas, such as MIS & Finance Systems, Network Infrastructure, VLE’s etc, and our expertise enables us to offer services ranging from requirements analysis right through to management of implementation and quality control.

A number of our recent projects have been as a result of college mergers, requiring the implementation of new MIS and Finance Systems. By utilising an external consultant a lot of the emotions and issues can be removed from such a project.

“Due to the workload being imposed on us by the merger we realised that it would be of benefit to find someone external who was independent and unbiased. They would be able to guide us through the entire process and help us to come to the right decision.”


Our recent project plans have included:

Analysis of requirements including:
- Workshops with departments and senior management
- Analysis of results
Observe processes
- Make recommendations
Examine the hierarchy to identify the:
- Decision making process
- Information flow
Analysis of existing infrastructure
Support Structures including:
- Product support
- Technical support
Identify list of possible systems & suppliers
- Arrange workshops and demonstrations
- Contract negotiations
- Requirements specification and identification of shortfalls
- Recommendations
Project manage implementation including:
- Final contract negotiations including financials and Service Level Agreements
- Implementation tools
- Timelines
- Oversee implementation
     - Advise on planned roll-outs
     - Quality manage

“Netmania’s understanding of the further education environment was very important in ensuring a smoothly run project that was completed in very strict timescales. I would certainly have no hesitation in recommending them to other Colleges who were looking for impartial advice on system selection.”

If any or all of these services are of interest then please contact us on (0870) 0860780 or sales@netmania-it.com