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Case Studies

Login.Point helps East Riding College free up 2 members of staff from permanent password reset duties

The costs involved in password management have been well documented by a number of studies over the years. But, due to the fact that they are hidden i.e. they use up the time of already paid for IT staff, these costs tend to be overlooked. In such cost conscious times where everybody is looking to do more with less, an investment in this area can provide a very rapid return and help to improve efficiency and service.

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Login.Point helps Cardinal Newman College reduce the time spent on user account maintenance and password resets

Cardinal Newman is a catholic sixth form college, located in Preston, Lancashire. With a mission to be the centre of educational excellence for the community, the college is dedicated to providing high quality teaching and learning.

To support this aim and also to be ready to offer individualised learning, Cardinal Newman has invested heavily in IT and now boasts a network of over 300 computers through which students can access e-mail and the Internet for research purposes. The college is also linked to the National Network used by Universities and other higher education institutions (the Joint Academic Network - JANET) and the new National Grid for Learning.

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Netmania help Sutton Coldfield & Matthew Boulton Colleges to deal with their MIS and finance issues caused by the future merger into Birmingham Metropolitan College.

When two organisations merge it is vital that any changes are carefully managed and involve full consultation with the affected staff. This way any natural resistance can be avoided and users are more likely to feel comfortable with new systems when they are introduced.

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Successful Projects

"Login.Point solved the problem of password resets immediately", said Steve White. But this was not the only area where it has helped. "Normally at the start of the academic year we would spend all our time just setting up new accounts."

Steve Petchey concluded: "The amount of time we have to spend on routine housekeeping tasks like account setup and password reset has been greatly reduced, enabling the IT staff to concentrate on more important tasks.

“Using Netmania definitely made the whole process much easier”, concluded Sandra. “Their responsiveness to our requirements and willingness to ‘go the extra mile’ were key in helping us to remove the emotive element of choosing the right solutions.”